Report Nr. 70 - US-Unilateralismus als Problem von internationaler Politik und Global Governance

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After the end of the Cold War international relations are structured in a uni-polar way, with the US being the only superpower. At the same time US-foreign policy seems to become more unilateral, especially since the Bush-administration came into office. US-unilateralism became a global point of discussion during the months before the Iraq war, when it was linked to a weakening of the United Nations and disrespect for international law. This report analy-ses unilateralism, the uni-polar structure of international relations and their effects on coop-erative approaches to international politics and Global Governance. It analyses how both uni- and multilateralism are intertwined in international relations, and how multilateralism can become a tool of unilateral policies. This report focuses on unilateralism in US foreign policy, and identifies it as one key problem for strengthening mechanisms of Global Governance. It also documents Washington’s unilateral policy approaches in regard to international treaties and agreements.
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