Report Nr. 75 - Paradigmenwechsel im Völkerrecht?

Herausforderungen bei der Etablierung eines Weltinnenrechts im Politikfeld Menschenrechte

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In recent decades fundamental structural changes have taken place in the international system. The sovereign nation state as the traditional main body no longer holds the position to cope with current challenges like global environmental problems or the transnational terrorism. Non-governmental organizations and transnational corporations today are important players at the international level. In view of these changes two questions arise. Did international law react on them and how? Which kind of reforms will be necessary to secure that international law will be able to serve as a legal framework of inter- und transnational relations in the fu-ture? This INEF-Report examines fundamental modifications in the field of human rights that may indicate a change of paradigm: the integration of non state players in international law, constitutional tendencies and a common enforcement of law. Have these modifications al-ready made enough progress to result in a world domestic law (Weltinnenrecht)? Because of the heated controversy about the draft of a world domestic law, crucial arguments of the dis-cussion are presented. Furthermore obstacles to its realization are exemplified.
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