Boradacre City and Zwischenstadt.

Dipl.-Ing Bremer, Stefanie

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What can be learned from Broadacre City? Besides the Ville Radieuse and the Garden City Frank Lloyd Wrights Broadacre City is the main city model of modernity. Wrights Broadacre City is a model for a radical decentralization of the city. For this reason it is the most controversial as well as the most realistic city model. The German debate on the Zwischenstadt deals with the design of contemporary forms for decentralized urban landscapes that came to reality 80 years after Wright. By re-discovering Wright the German debate can be enhanced. Broadacre City is the historic base of the Zwischenstadt debate with a pool of experience of about 600 design schemes and 400 realized projects. This work is a systematic comparison of the Broadacre City and the Zwischenstadt. It is a research on their parallels showing what can be learned today from Frank Lloyd Wright for the design of modern urban landscapes.
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Wissenschaftliche Abschlussarbeiten » Dissertation
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Fakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften » Bauwissenschaften » Bauingenieurwesen » Stadtplanung und Städtebau
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Stadtentwicklung, Städtebau, Regionalplanung, Broadacre City, Zwischenstadt, Frank Lloyd Wright, Thomas Sieverts, Stadtmodell, Dezentralisierung, Stadtlandschaft
Prof. Dr. Widmann, Renatus [Thesis advisor]
Prof. Dr. Schmidt, J. Alexander [Reviewer]
Prof. Werner, Frank R. [Reviewer]
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