Experiment and Aesthetic Experience - Qualitative Empirical Research of the Characteristics of Two Key Categories and their Correlation in Art Education

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Experiment and aesthetic experience are two main aspects for art education classes. At first these aspects are explored and analyzed separately, but also in their relation to each other - starting from their importance in fine arts and art education. In a second step the issues of experiment and aesthetic experience are empirically investigated using qualitative methods like the phenomenological analytical interpretation of text, transcripts and video stills. The results show that the experiment in the class room needs certain conditions, such as aims or the potential occurrence of obstacles in the creative process. Another result is the insight that there are clear and significant similarities in the the characteristics of experiment and aesthetic experience. In summary it can be said that the pedagogical influence plays a significant role for the success oft art education classes to promote aesthetic experiences in an environment aimed towards experiments.
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Experiment, Experimentelle Zugänge, Ästhetische Erfahrung, Kunstunterricht, Kunstpädagogik, Qualitativ empirische Forschung, aesthetic experience, art education, experimento, experiencia estética, enseñanza del arte
Prof. Dr. Peez, Georg [Thesis advisor]
Prof. Dr. Hein, Peter Ulrich [Reviewer]
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