German Microwave Conference - GeMIC 2005

Herausgeber: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Menzel, Wolfgang

In: German Microwave Conference - GeMIC

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The German Microwave Conference - GeMiC 2005 - will be held at the University of Ulm from April 5 to 7, 2005. It is a new start to present a national and international forum for microwave researchers and engineers in Germany. The conference is supported by the IEEE MTT Society, the German IEEE MTT/AP Chapter, and the Expert Groups "Microwave Techniques" and "Antennas" of the German VDE/ITG. It is organized by the German Institute for Microwave and Antenna Technology, a scientific, non-profit organization with the intention to promote R&D activities at universities, research centers and companies in the fields of microwaves, antennas and optoelectronics. The GeMiC 2005 will be a three-days conference with 2 plenary and 12 normal sessions, including 5 invited and 60 contributed presentations from both German and international authors. It will provide ample room for scientific exchange of information about latest achievements in the field of technologies, circuits and systems. In order to get together and get to know each other, there will be a reception at the end of the first day. Parallel to the conference, an exhibition will be organized by GEROTRON, where major suppliers and representatives of RF & microwave equipment will present their products. Furthermore, on Wednesday, April 6, an IEEE membership meeting will take place after the sessions. At the end of the conference on April 7, presentations and visits will be organized at the University of Ulm ("Electronic Devices and Circuits" and "Microwave Techniques" departments) and at local companies. The conference and the exhibition will be held in the building of the Engineering Faculty of the University of Ulm situated in the western part of the University campus on the "Eselsberg". The city of Ulm itself is well known for its old city including the Fisherman’s Quarter and the "Ulmer M¨unster" with the highest church spire of the world. Also the most famous German scientist, Albert Einstein, was born in Ulm. Wolfgang Menzel Conference Chairman
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GeMIC, Conference
Prof. Dr.-Ing Solbach, Klaus [Beitragende(r)]
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