Lizenzen einbinden Integrate License

Open Content Licenses

You can link your DuEPublico document with a License for Free Contents.
The purpose of such Licenses for Free Contents is to expressly permit further distribution. There are various possibilities for including certain rights. Changes in a document are often allowed in this regard.

Also, it can be excluded, for example, that a work is used commercially without the author's approval. Although, we disencourage you to choose that kind of license, because it also excludes the work to be shared by sites that ar partially funded by advertising, or inclusion in large, commercial publication databases!

Creative Commons Licenses

The Creative Commons licenses are the best-known US American licences.
Using a Creative Commons License, others can replicate and disseminate your contents - provided you are named as the right holder. You yourself define under what exclusive conditions others should be able to use your content.

You can directly choose a Creative Commons License from a drop-down list in the input form for your e-publication. The license will be displayed together with the other descriptive metadata and will also be shared in a machine-readable format via interfaces.

Digital Peer Publishing Lizenz

The Digital Peer Publishing Lizenz (DPPL) of Initiative for Innovation within Scientific Communication is designed for scholarship, taking into account important subjects relating to academic communication such as quotability and constant locatability, as well as integrity and authenticity of the contents. It supports the unrestricted circulation of academic contents on the Internet. The rights to the contents remain essentially with the authors. The license supports Open Access.

Information about the license and where to find the license can be placed in the DuEPublico entry mask in the text box titled "Legal Conditions".