Stummer, Christian; Doerner, Karl; Focke, Axel; Heidenberger, Kurt:

Determining Location and Size of Medical Departments in a Hospital Network: A Multiobjective Decision Support Approach

In: Health care management science (Health Care Manag.Sci.), Jg. 7 (2004), S. 63-71
ISSN: 13869620
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Decisions on the location and size of medical departments in a given hospital network are prime examples of priority setting in health care, which is an issue of growing political importance. As such decisions are regularly characterized by multiple and often conflicting objectives in real-life, this paper integrates the fields of hospital planning and multiobjective decision support. The proposed two-phase solution procedure for our corresponding mathematical programming model does not require a priori preference information. Instead, it seeks efficient solutions by means of multiobjective tabu search in the first phase, while applying clustering in the second phase to allow the decision makers to interactively explore the solution space until the “best” configuration is determined. The real-world applicability of our approach is illustrated through a numerical example based on hospital data from Germany.