Focke, Axel; Stummer, Christian:

Strategic Technology Planning in Hospital Management

In: OR Spectrum, Jg. 25 (2003), S. 161-182
ISSN: 01716468
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Hospital managers regularly are confronted with their patients' demand for increased service performance on the one hand and tight budgets on the other. As medical technologies influence both the costs and the service spectrum, strategic technology planning is among the critical tasks in hospital management. This paper addresses the corresponding problem of selecting the "best" portfolio of medical devices and proposes an appropriate decision support system. It starts with a multiobjective mathematical programming model that determines the solution space of all efficient portfolios of medical technology investments. The members of the planning committee with their diverging interests then are supported by their interactive exploration of that space until they jointly reach a satisfying portfolio and are not willing to make any further compromises between its objective levels. As one of its salient features the system does not require a priori preference information.