Kamsties, E.; von Knethen, A.; Reussner, Ralf:

A Controlled Experiment to evaluate how styles affect the understandability of requirements specifications.

In: Information and Software Technology, Jg. 45 (2003), S. 955-965
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
This paper presents a controlled experiment in which two different requirements specification styles (white-box and black-box) were compared concerning the understandability of two requirements specifications from the viewpoint of a customer. The results of the experiment confirm the common belief that black-box requirements specifications (e.g., documented with SCR) are easier to understand from a customer point of view than white-box specifications (e.g., documented with UML). Questions about particular functions and behavior of the specified system were answered faster and more correctly by the participants. This result suggests that using a black-box specification style when communicating with customers is beneficial.