Umweltschutz als Herausforderung an die produktionswirtschaftliche Theoriebildung. (With English summary.)

In: Zeitschrift fur Betriebswirtschaft, Jg. 63 (1993), S. 323-350
ISSN: 00442372
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Production theory formation tries to reply to ecological challenges. Contributions of activity analysis are in the limelight of these discussions. They usually rest on a simple formal "trick" for integrating aspects of pollution control into activity based theoretical frameworks. However, this purely technical approach suffers from material inadequacy. The defects are analyzed on the basis of four criterions of adequacy. An alternative is outlined which fulfills those criterions. But it requires a deep alteration in the formal theory structure. For that purpose it is suggested to combine the non statement view of theory formation with a many-sorted calculus of predicate logic. This approach is confronted with a second alternative. Once again, a structurally revised theory formulation results.