Kladroba, Andreas:

Das Aggregationsproblem bei der Erstellung von Rankings. Einige Anmerkungen am Beispiel der Formel 1 Weltmeisterschaft 1998. (The Problem of Aggregation Arising in the Process of Building Rankings. Some Remarks with the Example of the Formula 1 Championship 1998. With English summary.)

In: Jahrbucher fur Nationalokonomie und Statistik, Jg. 220 (2000), S. 302-314
ISSN: 00214027
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Especially in the US but also in Europe there has been a vast mass of rankings for the past years. Magazines report about the best universities, the most beautiful golf courses, the most successful lawyers and so on. But in spite of the popularity of rankings there are obvious problems with statistical methods. Especially the aggregation of single rankings to a common ranking seems to be problematic. Aggregation to a common ranking is as difficult as finding a common decision in a group. It is easy to understand that there is no difference between the aggregation of different people's preferences to a common preference and the aggregation of some single rankings to a common ranking. This paper introduces some well-known methods of aggregation and demonstrates them with a very simple example: the formula 1 championship 1998.