Schmitz, V.; Leukel, J.; Kelkar, O.:

XML-based Data Exchange of Product Model Data in E-Procurement and E-Sales: The Case of BMEcat 2.0

In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Economic, Technical and Organisational aspects of Product Configuration Systems (PETO 2004), 28.-29.06
Kopenhagen, Dänemark (2004), S. 97-107
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
While the exchange of product model data is standardized by the STEP standard, web-based e-procurement and e-sales show a different picture. The rise of XML has led to a variety of different, often from-the-scratch catalog standards. Heterogeneity is also reflected in diverse models for product data. This is especially true for complex product models as necessary for configuration. However, the capabilities of XML-based standards are limited regarding configuration requirements. Concerning this situation, we will present results of the BMEcat standardization. BMEcat is the leading standard for catalog data exchange in Europe. Whereas its present version was the result of a company-focused standardization process, the enhancements of BMEcat 2.0 are also based on comparative analysis and research activities. We will describe the process of adopting and integrating existing concepts from literature, and the introduction of new concepts regarding price definition based on formulas and repositories for industry-wide price parameters.