Modelling Features for Multi-Criteria Product-Lines in the Automotive Industry.

In: Proceedings of Workshop on Software Engineering for Automotive Systems (SEAS), co-located at ICSE 2004.
Edinburgh, UK (2004), S. 9-16
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Feature models are a common and proven technique to model variants and invariants of software productlines. Within the automotive industry product-lines are structured according to several market-criteria which lead to multi-criteria product-lines. In this paper we sketch the shortcomings of feature models according multi-criteria product-lines and present an extension for feature models that supports the handling of these structures. This extension bases on the idea to define the features of all product-lines in one common feature model, independent whether a feature is variant or invariant. The definition of features for a particular product-line takes place as “view” on the common feature model. Our experience from applying this extended feature modeling technique in automotive case studies shows that this technique offers some unique advantages sketched in this paper.