Haumer, P.; Heymanns, P.; Pohl, K.:

An Integration of Scenario-Based Requirements Elicitation and Validation Techniques.

In: Projektbericht, 98-28
Aachen (1998)
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Scenarios are widely used in industry to support requirements elicitation and validation. Tool support prerequisite for effective use and management of scenarios. In this paper we propose the integration of two scenario-based approaches developed in the ESPRIT Project CREWS. One approach supports the elicitation of a goal model from real-world scenarios. The other allows to validate a formal system specification by playing instance-level scenarios against it. Interestingly, these approaches have seemed to comple-ment each other quite good in various respects. We outline the benefits obtained by integrating the two approaches and sketch a method-driven integration of the two existing tool environments. This integration is achieved by adapting the PRIME architecture for process integrated tools. Thereby a process-integrated environment is formed which supports requirements elicitation and validation by using sce-narios. The environment has been validated in a small case study in the manufacturing do-main.