Gameinsam – A playful application fostering distributed family interaction on TV

In: EuroITV 2012, Bridging People, Places and Platforms. Adjunct proceedings : 10th European Interactive TV Conference, Berlin, July 4-6, 2012 / Arbanowski, Stefan; Steglich, Stephan; Knoche, Hendrik; Hess, Jan (Hrsg.)
Berlin: Fraunhofer FOKUS (2012), S. 21-22
ISBN: 978-3-00-038715-9
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Informatik
Fakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften
In this paper, we describe the concept and the prototype implementation of an interactive TV application which aims to enrich everyday TV-watching with playful interaction components, in particular to meet the demand of elderly people to keep in touch with their peers and family members, even if living apart.