Unilateral interactions in granular packings: a model for the anisotropy modulus

In: Granular matter, Jg. 14 (2012) ; Nr. 2, S. 265-270
ISSN: 1434-7636, 1434-5021
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Physik
Fakultät für Physik » Theoretische Physik
Unilateral interparticle interactions have an effect on the elastic response of granular materials due to the opening and closing of contacts during quasi-static shear deformations. A simplified model is presented, for which constitutive relations can be derived. For biaxial deformations the elastic behavior in this model involves three independent elastic moduli: bulk, shear, and anisotropy modulus. The bulk and the shear modulus, when scaled by the contact density, are independent of the deformation. However, the magnitude of the anisotropy modulus is proportional to the ratio between shear and volumetric strain. Sufficiently far from the jamming transition, when corrections due to non-affine motion become weak, the theoretical predictions are qualitatively in agreement with simulation results.