Niesenhaus, Jörg; Kahraman, Burak; Klatt, Johannes:

2DGree: Rapid Prototyping for Games

In: Mensch & Computer 2012: 12. fachübergreifende Konferenz für interaktive und kooperative Medien. Interaktiv informiert – allgegenwärtig und allumfassend!? / Reiterer, Harald; Deussen, Oliver (Hrsg.)
München: Oldenbourg Verl. (2012), S. 399-408
ISBN: 978-3-486-71879-9
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Informatik
Fakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften
This paper introduces 2DGree, an experimental game prototyping framework, which enables users to implement and playtest their game ideas within minutes. The framework’s main purpose is the evaluation of different interaction techniques as well as methods of programming by demonstration and visual programming for the application within the context of rapid game prototyping. The core of the 2DGree framework consists of a game world editor tool and a script editor, which can be connected to further components like game asset sharing platforms or evaluation tools. The paper describes the current stage of the framework development, presents a user test and provides an outlook on the future plans for the framework development and application.