Putz, Daniel; Schilling, Jan; Kluge, Annette; Stangenberg, Constanze:

Measuring organizational learning from errors: Development and validation of an integrated model and questionnaire

In: Management Learning, Jg. 43 (2012), S. 26 pages
ISSN: 1461-7307
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Psychologie
Errors are an inevitable by-product of human labour. Therefore, organizational learning from errors should
be regarded as a strategic goal of HR development. Despite a large number of studies on organizational
learning from errors, a thorough understanding of error-related learning processes at work is still missing.
In the present article, we present the results of a literature review that was used to derive an integrated
model of organizational learning processes in the consequence of errors and to develop the questionnaire
to assess the error-related learning climate in organizations. The questionnaire was evaluated on a sample of
383 employees of two companies. Confirmatory factor analyses support the suggested structure of errorrelated
learning climate. Further analyses stress the relevance of constructive error handling in organizations
by revealing substantial links between error-related learning climate and the effectiveness of error learning,
self-perceptions and error-related behaviours of team members, as well as group cohesion and certain aspects
of team performance.