Frank, Ulrich; Schauer, Hanno; Fraunholz, Bardo:

A Multi Layer Architecture for Integrated Project Memory and Management Systems

In: Managing Information Technolog / Khoshrow-Pour, Mehdi (Hrsg.)
Hershey; London; Melbourne; Singapore: Idea Group Publishing (2001), S. 336-340
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
For an increasing number of companies, methods and technologies to promote efficient project management are becoming critical success factors. An essential prerequisite of successful project management is the fast availability of proper knowledge. Current project management tools focus on planning and monitoring particular projects. They are not designed to develop a corporate project knowledge base. On the other hand, systems that deal with the representation and dissemination of knowledge lack specific concepts to structure knowledge about projects. To fill this gap, this paper introduces an architecture of a project memory and management system that provides for storing, retrieving and disseminating knowledge about projects. It thereby helps project managers, project workers and others involved with a project to plan and monitor projects as well as to prepare for particular tasks within projects. The architecture features various layers that allow to store, re-use and view knowledge on different levels of abstraction. The layers are based on comprehensive semantic models thereby allowing for powerful queries and instructions.