Frank, Ulrich; Fraunholz, Bardo:

Applying Action Research to Designing, Introducing and Evaluating Information Systems in Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs): Prospects and Critical Success Factors

In: Proceedings of the Eighth European Conference on Information Technology Evaluation / Brown, Ann; Remenyi, Dan (Hrsg.)
o.O.: Reading (2001), S. 227-237
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
The introduction of IS in SMEs requires numerous decisions. To derive a decision it is necessary to collect and evaluate alternative options. Since IS can hardly be regarded as an end in itself, it is necessary to also focus on the people affected by the system and the potential organisational change and to perceive the various options and how they influence the organisation. The selection and design of IS that are integrated with a company’s business processes require the timely evaluation of organisational and technological options. This paper presents an action research framework for IS projects adapted for the special needs of SMEs.