An Object-Oriented Methodology for Analyzing, Designing, and Prototyping Office Procedures

In: Proceedings of the 27th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences / Nunamaker, J.; Sprague, R. (Hrsg.)
Los Alamitos/Ca. (1994), S. 663-672
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
The paper presents a methodology for designing office procedure models in interaction with object models. The proposed models of office procedures are conceptualized in a way that helps to analyze the organizational effectiveness of procedures. Furthermore the methodology supports identification, specification, and refinement of classes in the object model. Integration is accomplished by establishing references from the office procedure models to the object model and by specifying the management of a procedure within classes of the object model. The specification can be partially transformed into a frame-based object definition language which in turn can be compiled into executable code. The models are thought to be located within an enterprise-wide repository. The methodology is supported by a design environment that provides various levels of abstraction - not only for system designers but also for domain experts.