MEMO: A Tool Supported Methodology for Analyzing and (Re-) Designing Business Information Systems

In: Technology of Object-Oriented Languages ans Systems / Ege, Raimund; Singh, Madhu; Meyer, Bertrand (Hrsg.)
Englewood (1994), S. 367-380
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
The paper presents a conceptual framework as well as a design environment to develop object-oriented enterprise models. It helps to coordinate the design of a business information system with the modelling of corporate strategies and organizational (re-) design. For this purpose the framework introduces concepts for illustratively modelling and integrating three main views on the enterprise. The views focus on corporate strategy, business (process) organization, and information system design. Thereby the methodology contributes to overcome the communication barriers that commonly exist between the different views. The integration of the various stages of system development is promoted by linking concepts of different views. Since business information systems are usually not built from scratch the methodology provides means for integrating existing software or data structures. The development environment that is based on the framework allows the user to navigate through the views of an enterprise model on various levels of detail. It maintains a model’s integrity and allows for simulation and fast prototyping.