A Comparison of two outstanding Methodologies for Object-Oriented Design

In: Arbeitspapiere der GMD
St. Augustin (1993)
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Although the promises of object-oriented software development are based on solid grounds there is still a great amount of confusion on when and how to invest in this new technology. This is partially due to the fact that a great number of special approaches and methodologies have been proposed during the last years. The report gives an overview of more than 30 approaches and presents a framework that helps to compare them. The framework is then applied to two methodologies which gained remarkable attention so far and are well documented at the same time: "Object Modelling Technique" by Rumbaugh et al. and the methodology proposed by Booch. Both methodologies are described in detail and evaluated according to the criterions presented in the framework. Since design methodologies can hardly be evaluated without regarding specific context variables the report does not aim at an objective score for each approach. Instead it is intended to ease the decision between the two methodologies by pointing to important differences.