Designing Procedures within an Object-Oriented Enterprise Model

In: Proceedings of the Third International Working Conference on Dynamic Modelling of Information Systems / Sol, H. (Hrsg.)
Noordwijkerhout (1992), S. 365-388
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
The paper presents an integrated environment for designing object-oriented enterprise models. The conceptual framework it is based on recommends a multi-perspective approach. Two views are of outstanding importance: the static object model and a dynamic model. First it is demonstrated how conceptualizing an object model is guided by the Object Model Designer. Object models are represented using a graphical notation that is enhanced by a structured description of classes and associations which are modelled as classes as well. Then a methodology and a tool related to it - the Office Procedure Designer - to develop dynamic models of office domains are presented in detail. The tool allows for a graphical representation of office procedures that is illustrative for business people and takes into account the requirements of object-oriented analysis and design at the same time. In interaction with the Object Model Designer it supports identification, specification and refinement of objects (classes). It also provides means to analyze the effectiveness of business procedures. The environment supports the integration of different steps within the development process from analysis to prototypical implementation. Is also allows to specify features of user interaction which are used to generate prototypical user-interfaces.