Klasen, N.; Fiebig, M.; Preusser, F.; Radtke, Ulrich:

Luminescence properties of glaciofluvial sediments from the Bavarian Alpine Foreland

In: Radiation Measurements, Jg. 41 (2006) ; Nr. 7-8, S. 866-870
ISSN: 1350-4487
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Geowissenschaften
Rektorat und Verwaltung » Rektorat
Dose recovery tests highlight the variation of luminescenceproperties for samples from different sites and sediment sources within a region. It is hence necessary to adjust parameters of the single-aliquot regenerative dose protocol for different samples to ensure complete dose recovery. Bleaching experiments demonstrate an initially faster bleaching of the quartz optical signal compared to feldspar. However, complete resetting of the optical signal of both quartz and feldspar minerals occurred within approximately the same time. Moreover, samples from different sites show significant differences in bleaching characteristics. Investigations on thermal transfer point out that potential age overestimation due to charge transfer can apparently be neglected for the samples under consideration.