Heverhagen, T.; Sucrow, B.e.:

Using Graph Rewrite Systems for Supporting the Software Design Process by Search for and Substitution of suitable Software Elements

In: TAGT98 - 6th International Workshop on Theory and Application of Graph Transformation, November 16-20 : Research Report
Padaborn: University of Paderborn,Paderborn, Germany (1998), S. 398-406
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Software engineers have to decide permanently during the software design process whether to specify every necessary software portion of the system to be designed entirely themselves or, rather, to search for and possibly substitute a corresponding suitable software portion already existing and functioning well. Our approach investigates the latter possibility in the following sense: if we presume that software engineers specify their software components in a similar way then it should be possible to compare only abstractly specified components with already concretely specified ones with the goal of substituting the former by the latter, respectively, rather than specifying the whole system in every detail. However, such an approach has only a chance to really work correctly if it is possible to describe a software design process of such a kind by a method offering an intuitive understanding, a formal basis and even, finally, a practical result. Our idea is to use graph rewrite systems for this purpose.