Formal Design and Performance Evaluation of Object-Oriented Application Frameworks

In: Object-Oriented Application Frameworks / Fayad, M.; Schmidt, D.; Johnson, R.e. (Hrsg.)
Weinheim: Wiley (1998)
ISBN: 0-471-24875-4
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Wirtschaftswissenschaften
Designing the architecture of frameworks is a mission with many potential traps and pitfalls. Especially, subjects like distribution and heterogeneous components introduce additional complexity to framework architectures which easily outweighs their advantages like reusability and additional reliability. Since frameworks serve as generic software systems the design of which can be reused as the basis for many applications, the architectures importance should not be underestimated. Thus formal specification becomes essential already at the design stage. In this contribution we emphasize the necessity of formal architecture design for application frameworks. We propose our approach which serves as a basis to formulate the semantics of frameworks especially the interaction between constituent parts. Further, we sketch that evaluation of a frameworks performance-related properties has direct impact on the architecture design. Finally, a distributed object-oriented application framework can be generated from the formally specified design architecture.