Meltzer, Michael; Hasenbein, Sonja; Mamant, Nicolette; Merdanovic, Melisa; Poepsel, Simon; Hauske, Patrick; Kaiser, Markus; Huber, Robert; Krojer, Tobias; Clausen, Tim; Ehrmann, Michael:

Structure, function and regulation of the conserved serine proteases DegP and DegS of Escherichia coli

In: Research in Microbiology, Jg. 160 (2009) ; Nr. 9, S. 660-666
ISSN: 0923-2508
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Biologie
ehem. Fakultät für Biologie und Geografie
Two members of the widely conserved HtrA family of serine proteases, DegP and DegS, are key players in extracytoplasmic protein quality control. The underlying mechanisms of their main functions in stress sensing, regulation and protection during the unfolded protein response are discussed.