Kauffmann-Weiss, Sandra; Gruner, Markus Ernst; Backen, Anja; Schultz, Ludwig; Entel, Peter; Fähler, Sebastian:

Magnetic Nanostructures by Adaptive Twinning in Strained Epitaxial Films

In: Physical Review Letters, Jg. 107 (2011) ; Nr. 20, S. 206105 (5pp)
ISSN: 0031-9007
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Physik
Fakultät für Physik » Theoretische Physik
We exploit the intrinsic structural instability of the Fe70Pd30 magnetic shape memory alloy to obtain functional epitaxial films exhibiting a self-organized nanostructure. We demonstrate that coherent epitaxial straining by 54% is possible. The combination of thin film experiments and large-scale first-principles calculations enables us to establish a lattice relaxation mechanism, which is not expected for stable materials. We identify a low twin boundary energy compared to a high elastic energy as key prerequisite for the adaptive nanotwinning. Our approach is versatile as it allows to control both, nanostructure and intrinsic properties for ferromagnetic, ferroelastic, and ferroelectric materials.