Biwanski, Tomasz; Baars, Albert; Kowalczyk, Wojciech; Delgado, Antonio:

Flow Structure in a Technical Scale Reactor with an Internal Reboiler

In: Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (PAMM), Jg. 6 (2007) ; Nr. 1, S. 467–468
ISSN: 1617-7061
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Mathematik; Maschinenbau
Fakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften » Maschinenbau und Verfahrenstechnik
In this contribution, results of experimental flow investigations in a technical scale cylindrical reactor with centrally located internal reboiler are presented. The fluid motion in the kettle is induced by natural circulation. Two different geometrical configurations are considered. First, the liquid level is set below the evaporator's outlet. Thus, only the liquid phase penetrates the liquid surface. The second configuration characterizes the a direct injection of the two phase mixture into bulk liquid. In both cases the liquid leaves the evaporator radially and horizontally towards the cylindrical wall. Gathered results reveal the presence of the big, toroidal vortex in the kettle annulus. Independently on the boundary conditions, self similarity of velocity profiles in the near wall region is observed. In contrast, investigations of the momentum transfer between the jet and the bulk liquid reveal strong dependency on the geometrical configuration of the setup. (© 2006 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim)