Self-regulated learning from science texts.

In: Studies on the educational quality of schools. The final report on the DFG Priority Programme. / Prenzel, Manfred (Hrsg.)
Münster [u.a.]: Waxmann (2007), S. 221-238
ISBN: 978-3-83091863-9
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Psychologie
Fakultät für Bildungswissenschaften
Portrays the development of a training approach for fostering self-regulated learning from expository science texts and describes the results of a large-scale effectiveness evaluation. The approach comprises 3 programs: a text-highlighting, concept-mapping, and visualization training program. Each program combines cognitive and metacognitive strategy training. Analyses were based on 27 teachers who strictly followed program instructions and who each instructed 2 parallel 10th grade science courses (mean age of students at posttest 16.8 years). Teachers were assigned to either a highlighting and mapping or a highlighting and visualization condition and received respective training. Over a 5-month period of normal science classes, teachers taught both of their courses in the same way, but encouraged one of the courses to employ the respective strategies whenever possible. Results based on a reading comprehension test revealed that experimental groups outperformed control groups, regardless of the learning strategy combination applied. This result was not significant at posttest (F = 2.27, p = .130, d = 0.07), indeed however at 3-month follow-up (F = 12.48, p < 0.001, d = 0.29). In conclusion, educational implications of the findings are discussed.