Kallabis, Harald; Brendel, Lothar; Krug, Joachim; Wolf, Dietrich:

Damping of oscillations in layer-by-layer growth

In: International journal of modern physics B ( IJMPB ), Jg. 11 (1997) ; Nr. 31, S. 3621-3634
ISSN: 1793-6578, 0217-9792
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Physik
We present a theory for the damping of layer-by-layer growth oscillations in molecular beam epitaxy. The surface becomes rough on distances larger than a layer coherence length which is substantially larger than the diffusion length. The damping time can be calculated by a comparison of the competing roughening and smoothening mechanisms. The dependence on the growth conditions, temperature and deposition rate, is characterized to be a power law. The theoretical results are confirmed by computer simulations.