Ktitarev, Dimitri V.; Wolf, Dietrich:

Stratification of granular matter in a rotating drum: Cellular automaton modelling

In: Granular matter, Jg. 1 (1998) ; Nr. 3, S. 141-144
ISSN: 1434-7636, 1434-5021
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Physik
We propose a generalisation of the cellular automaton
model introduced recently by Lai, Jia and Chan
[Phys. Rev. Lett. 79, 4994 (1997)] for simulating friction
induced segregation in a rotating drum. Our model implements
the spherical geometry of the drum explicitly.
Therefore it can be used to investigate geometrical properties
of the segregation phenomenon in contrast to the original
version of the model. Our model reproduces the spontaneous
stratication observed recently in experiments for
more than half lled drums, as well as the transition to
non-stratied segregation for higher rotation speeds. It
predicts that stratication can also occur, if the drum is
less than half lled.