Kattenstroth, Heiko; May, Wolfgang; Schenk, Franz:

Combining OWL with F-Logic Rules and Defaults

In: Proceedings of 2nd International Workshop on Applications of Logic Programming to the Web, Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services, Porto, Portugal (13th September 2007)
Porto (2007), S. 60-75
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Wirtschaftswissenschaften; Informatik
We describe the combination of OWL and F-Logic for the
architecture of Semantic Web application nodes. The approach has been
implemented by combining an existing Jena-based architecture with an
external Florid instance. The approach provides a tight language coupling,
i.e., the same notions can be defined both by OWL definitions
and by F-Logic rules. F-Logic rules are used for e.g., role-value-maps,
closed-world-reasoning, (stratified) negation, aggregation, and definition
of answer views; additionally the default inheritance of F-Logic can be