Filzmoser, Michael; Rios, Jesus; Strecker, Stefan; Vetschera, Rudolf:

The impact of analytical support and preference determination on consistency in e-negotiations : A new method and preliminary results

In: International journal of information technology & decision making : ITDM, Jg. 9 (2010) ; Heft 4, S. o.A.
ISSN: 0219-6220
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Informatik; Wirtschaftswissenschaften
This paper studies whether the decisions made by a negotiator during
	the negotiations are consistent with his or her preferences. By considering
	the entire set of offers exchanged during a negotiation, the measures
	of consistency developed in this paper provide a compact representation
	of important behavioral characteristics during the whole negotiation
	process. The consistency measures developed in this paper are validated
	with data from an experimental study in which the impact of two factors
	on negotiation processes is studied: the availability of analytical
	support and imposed versus elicited preferences. We find that negotiators
	behave more consistently when preferences are assigned to them by
	the experimenters than when their preferences are elicited. On the
	other hand, an impact of analytical support is only found when preferences
	are elicited. These results inform both, the design of negotiation
	experiments and the development of negotiation support systems.