Kluge, Annette; Sauer, Jürgen; Burkolter, Dina; Ritzmann, Sandrina:

Designing Training for temporal and adaptive transfer

In: Journal of Educational Computing Research, Jg. 43 (2010) ; Heft 3, S. 327 - 353
ISSN: 0735-6331
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Angewandte Kognitionswissenschaften
Training in process control environments requires operators to be prepared for temporal and adaptive transfer of skill. Three training methods were compared with regard to their effectiveness in supporting transfer: Drill & Practice (D&P), Error Training (ET), and procedure-based and error heuristics training (PHT). Communication electronics trainees (N = 61) were tested twice (9 and 13 weeks after training). The D&P group outperformed the ET group with respect to temporal transfer. The expected benefits of PHT and ET for adaptive transfer were not found. The superiority of D&P demonstrates that cognitive tasks also need repeated practice for temporal transfer.