Burkolter, Dina; Kluge, Annette; Sauer, Jürgen; Ritzmann, Sandrina:

Effects of emphasis shift and situation awareness training on system control and diagnostic performance in process control

In: Computers in Human Behavior, Jg. 26 (2010) ; Heft 5, September, S. 976 - 986
ISSN: 0747-5632
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Germanistik
Three training methods to improve attention management skills in process control were compared. Forty students from technical disciplines participated in a five-hour module of previous termemphasis shiftnext term training (EST), EST combined with situation awareness training (EST/SA), and drill and practice (D&P) on a simulated process control task. Participants were then tested three times for 45 min each (immediately after training, two weeks after training, and six weeks after training) for system control performance and diagnostic performance on familiar and nonfamiliar fault states. D&P led to superior diagnostic performance on familiar system faults. EST/SA training supported the diagnosis of novel system faults. EST was less effective than expected for system control performance. Implications for training design in process control are discussed.