Löblein, Joachim; Schröder, Jörg:

A numerical approach for the simulation of ductile fracture with embedded discontinuities

In: Proceedings in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Jg. 4 (2004), S. 346-347
ISSN: 1617-7061
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Bauwissenschaften
In the present study, a computational approach for the numerical simulation of ductile fracture within the framework of the finite element method is proposed. In the developed macroscopic formulation, the inelastic behavior in the bulk of the material is described by the finite elasto-plastic material model proposed in [4]. The failure process is modeled by introducing discontinuities when a special local fracture criterion is satisfied. The discontinuities are incorporated via special triangular finite elements with embedded interfaces following the line of [2]. Finally, the numerical procedure is evaluated for a twodimensional representative test problem.