Löblein, Joachim; Schröder, Jörg:

Numerical simulation of crack problems using triangular finite elements with embedded interfaces

In: Computational Materials Science, Jg. 32 (2005), S. 435-445
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Bauwissenschaften
The aim of this paper is to propose numerical aspects for the modeling of discrete cracks in quasi-brittle materials using triangular finite elements with an embedded interface based on the formulation in [Computational Mechanics 27 (2001) 463]. The kinematics of the discontinuous displacement field and the variational formulation applied to a body with an internal discontinuity is given. The discontinuity is modeled by additional global degrees of freedom and the continuity of the displacement jumps across the element boundaries is enforced. To show the performance of the model, a single element test and two examples for mode-I dominated fracture, namely a tension test and a three-point bending beam, are discussed.