Serious Interface Design for Dental Health: WiiMote-based Tangible Interaction for School Children

In: EI 2010 : Proceedings of the Entertainment Interfaces Track 2010 at Interaktive Kulturen 2010 / Niesenhaus, Jörg; Rauterberg, Matthias; Masuch, Maic (Hrsg.)
CEUR Workshop Proceedings ; 634 (2010), S. 8
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Informatik
Fakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften » Informatik und Angewandte Kognitionswissenschaft » Informatik » Interaktive Systeme / Interaktionsdesign
This paper describes a camera-based approach towards
creating a tangible interface for serious games. We
introduce our game for dental health targeted at school
children which implements the Nintendo WiiMote as
infrared camera. Paired with a gesture-recognition system,
this combination allows us to apply real-world items as
input devices. Thereby, the game tries to address different
aspects of dental hygiene along with the improvement of
children’s motor skills. In our focus group test, we found
that tangible interfaces offer great potential for educational
purposes and can be used to engage kids in a playful
learning process by addressing their childlike curiosity and
fostering implicit learning.