Khorenko, E.; Prost, Werner; Tegude, Franz-Josef; Stoffel, M.; Duschl, R.; Dashiell, M. W.; Schmidt, O. G.:

Influence of layer structure on the current-voltage characteristics of Si/SiGe interband tunneling diodes

In: Journal of applied physics, Jg. 96 (2004) ; Nr. 7, S. 3848 - 3851
ISSN: 1089-7550
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Elektrotechnik
We systematically investigated the DC-characteristics of Si/SiGe interband tunneling diodes as a function of layer structure and device geometry. The Si spacer thicknesses X-P and X-N between the intrinsic SiGe layer and the p- and n-delta-doped layers were varied. We obtained a peak current density of 16 kA/cm(2) and a peak-to-valley current ratio of 2.7 (with a device area of 45 mum(2)) for a structure with X-P=0 nm and X-N=1 nm. A good homogeneity of all measured diode parameters was achieved over the wafer area.