Axial pn-Junctions formed by MOVPE using DEZn and TESn in vapour-liquid-solid grown GaAs nanowires

In: Journal of Crystal Growth, Jg. Vol. 312 (2010) ; (online)
ISSN: 0022-0248
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Elektrotechnik
We report on axial pn-junctions in GaAs nanowires. The nanowires were grown by MOVPE on (111)B GaAs substrates using the vapor-liquid-solid mechanism in combination with Au seed particles. At the low growth temperature of 400 °C any additional growth on the nanowire sidewalls can be excluded such that a pure axial pn-junction is realized. P-type doping was provided by diethyl zinc, while tetraethyl tin was introduced for n-type doping. The impact of dopant supply was investigated both on structural properties and carrier density. The carrier type was independently verified by processed nanowire metal-insulator FETs. The lengths of the whole pn-GaAs nanowires reach up to 20 μm while their diameters are up to a few 100 nm, as defined by the Au seed particles used. The pn-GaAs nanowire device exhibits a diode-like I-V characteristics and strong electroluminescence. While the reverse current is in the low pA-regime, the forward current reaches a few μA, limited by the n-doped side. A diffusion voltage of VD = 1.4 V is determined which corresponds to the GaAs band gap energy. To our knowledge this is the first axial GaAs pn-diode realised in a single GaAs nanowire.