Bahr, Achim; Adami, C.; Bolz, T.; Rennings, Andreas; Dorn, H.; Rüttiger, L.:

Exposure setups for laboratory animals and volunteer studies using body-mounted antennas

In: Radiation Protection Dosimetry, Jg. Vol. 124 (2007) ; No. 1, S. 31-34
ISSN: 0144-8420, 1742-3406
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Elektrotechnik
For two different in vivo exposure setups body-mounted antenna systems have been designed. The first setup is designed for investigation of volunteers during simulated mobile phone usage. The setup consists of a dual-band antenna for GSM/WCDMA with enhanced carrying properties, which enables exposure for at least 8 h a day. The 10 g averaged localised SAR—normalised to an antenna input power of 1W—measured in the flat phantom area of the SAM phantom amounts to 7.82 mW g-1(900 MHz) and 10.98 mW g-1(1966 MHz). The second exposure setup is used for a laboratory behavioural study on rats. The design goal was a localised, well-defined SAR distribution inside the animals’ heads at 900 MHz. To fulfil the biological requirements, a loop antenna was developed. For tissues around the ears, a localised SAR value of 50.12W kg-1 averaged over a mass of 2.2 g for an antenna input power of 1 W is obtained.