Bartoluzzi, Sonia; Gammack, John; Kerres, Michael; Kuiper, Hilbert; Mansour, Wisam; Scandura, Alice; Schöpf, Katrin; Staupe, Arvid:

Automating the Production of Instructional Material

In: Automating instructional design : computer based development and delivery tools ; [proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Automating Instructional Design: Computer-Based Development and Delivery Tools, held in Grimstad, Norway, July 12 - 23, 1993] : NATO ASI series : Series F, Computer and systems sciences ; 140 / Tennyson, Robert D.; Barron, Ann E. (Hrsg.)
Berlin: Springer (1995), S. 547-558
ISBN: 3-540-58765-9
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Erziehungswissenschaften