Chen, Yongbo; Lenord, Oliver; Schramm, Dieter:

One-dimensional Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of a Chain Conveyor System

In: ASIM-Workshop on Simulation technischer Systeme, Grundlagen und Methoden in Modellbildung und Simulation
Dresden (2009)
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Maschinenbau
Chain conveyor systems are widely used for transportation of work pieces, pack-

ages or the other goods in the industry. They are made of the drive unit, chain,

section profile, return unit and racks. The trajectories of section profiles can be

straight, horizontally or vertically curved. Depending on the applications, chain

conveyor systems are operated with different layouts, and their chains are up to

hundred meters long, and composed of a large amount of pinned single modules.

The problem is that the unexpected longitudinal vibration occurs for some of their

layouts. Surprisingly, almost no reference is made to this phenomenon, and no

dynamic simulation is carried out to study systems on such scale in the literature.

In this paper, we present the models of chain conveyor systems in a reduced

fashion due to the large dimension of equation systems (each single chain module

accounts for 2 differential equations, a 50 meter-long chain has 1500 components).

Measurement results are compared with the simulation results. Parameter stud-

ies are performed by the numerical simulation. Causes of vibrations are analyzed

closely. Finally, possible techniques are proposed for preventing such vibration.

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