Nacke, Lennart E.; Drachen, Anders; Kuikkaniemi, Kai; Niesenhaus, Jörg; Korhohnen, Hannu J.; Hoogen, Wouter van den; Ijsselsteijn, Wijnand; Kort, Yvonne de:

Playability and Player Experience Research

In: Proceedings of DiGRA 2009: Breaking New Ground: Innovation in Games, Play, Practice and Theory. / DiGRA (Hrsg.)
London, UK (2009), S. 1-5
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Informatik
As the game industry matures and games become more and more complex, there is an increasing need to develop scientific methodologies for analyzing and measuring player experience, in order to develop a better understanding of the relationship and interactions between players and games. This panel gathers distinguished European playability and user experience experts to discuss current findings and methodological advancements within player experience and playability research.