Fischer, J.E.; Mambrey, Peter:

Supporting collaboration and self-governance : networked knowledge sharing in academic learning

In: Governance and legitimacy in a globalized world / Schmitt-Beck, R.; Debiel, Tobias; Korte, Karl-Rudolf (Hrsg.)
1.Auflage, Baden-Baden: Nomos (2008), S. 121-142
ISBN: 978-3-8329-3466-8
Buchaufsatz / Kapitel / Fach: Politikwissenschaft
Governance in a civil society requires the active participation of
well-informed citizens. Besides institutionalized discourses and negotiations
of the political system and the mediated political communication
in the public sector by mass media a third public sphere will gain
importance: The communication of the citizens using new digital media.
The adoption and evolving use of new digital media by citizens is
an ongoing process, which requires new social and technical capacities
to foster social and political communication. An important factor of this
capacity is the self-organised knowledge sharing in networked communities
of practice. This paper reports on experiences made with networked
knowledge sharing based on a well-known groupware. In our
exploratory work we focus on the micro level of understanding collaborative
communication using new digital media.
Information- and Communication Technologies (ICT) serve a crucial
function in the process of knowledge management and should be understood
rather as supporting the human being than substituting it.
Davenport argues that, "Technology alone won't make you a knowledge-
creating company." (Davenport/Prusak 1998: 142). We will later
discuss the implications of this insight.