Schmitt-Beck, R.; Schwarz, Frank; Abbaszadeh, C.; Winter, Stephan:

Wahlkommunikation im Internet. Eine Exploration zur Nutzung von "Informationslotsen" am Beispiel des "WählerInformationsSystems" zur Europawahl 2004.

In: Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen, Jg. 36 (2005) ; Nr. 4, S. 839-853
ISSN: 0340-1758
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Politikwissenschaft
Analysing data from surveys and log files of the “WählerInformationsSystem (Voter Information System)” for the election of the European Parliament in 2004, it is explored how German voters use non-partisan information resources on the internet. Although internet access has spread enormously in recent years, attention to political web sites is still a clear minority phenomenon. Only a tiny “electronic information elite” makes use of the vast amount of web-based political information which nowadays is available in order to cast comprehensively informed votes. Members of this “information elite” are highly educated and belong to younger age groups but they are also highly politicized and partisan. Usage of web-based information resources is demand-driven rather than supply-driven. Accordingly, information costs are so high that only few voters are willing to carry them. Most voters instead prefer the pre-selected and pre-structured information menus provided by traditional media and the parties