Farrell, D.; Schmitt-Beck, R.:

Non-Party Actors in Electoral Politics. The Role of Interest Groups and Independent Citizens in Contemporary Election Campaigns.

1. Auflage, Baden-Baden: Nomos (2008), 282 Seiten
ISBN: 978-3-8329-3251-0
Buch / Monographie / Fach: Politikwissenschaft
The contemporary electoral process is in many ways far more
complex than it used to be. This book focuses on the growing
involvement of non-party actors in the process of selecting
candidates and during the campaign itself.
These actors – interest groups, individual citizens, even certain
political institutions – operate in the campaign environment
independently of the parties and their candidates.
They are not seeking to attain public offi ce; nevertheless,
they interfere in the electoral process in growing numbers,
and with increasing intensity, for the most part seeking to
infl uence electoral outcomes to their advantage, but on
occasions also for less selfi sh reasons, such as increasing the
quality of the electoral process itself.
Encompassing a broad range of countries, including several
old democracies (the United States, Germany, Britain, Norway,
Denmark, Belgium, Israel, and others), but also one new
democracy (Romania), and combining extensive surveys
with detailed case studies of recent elections, the chapters
in this volume take stock of this new feature in the contemporary
electoral process, its origins, forms, and consequences.