CFD-Modeling of Large-Scale Kerosene Pool Fires

In: Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, (2004), S. 3143–3147
ISSN: 0950-4230
Zeitschriftenaufsatz / Fach: Chemie
Pool fires, produced by ignition of the hydrocarbons fuels in the presence of oxygen, can be responsible for losses in industrial plants.
The radiation and burning products of these fires can have hazardous effects on the people and the surrounding. Research in the field of the pool fires is important to prescribe reasonable safety measures.
Due to the reason that large scale experiments of these fires have large demands in equipment and security, future efforts must also be aimed to develop simulation tools capable to give reliable predictions of the behaviour of the large fires. Efficient solution of the problem implies CFD simulation of these fires by using CFX-5.6 software as support to experiments.